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Retirees or Near-Retirees

Whether you are retired or approaching retirement soon we are here to help you manage this stage of life. You have earned it and now you want to live your best life doing anything/everything you want. Whether it is sitting on a beach, traveling, volunteering, or spoiling the grandchildren we will develop an overall comprehensive financial plan. Your plan needs to include tax strategies, asset allocation, insurance, estate planning and IRA distribution.

Executives and Business Owners

As an executive or business owner you have several unique financial situations that we will navigate you through. Among these are stock options, business succession planning, qualified retirement plans for you and your employees, insurance, and tax strategies to keep more of your money.

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Military Families (Active Duty, Reserves and Veterans)

Life in the military often involves frequent deployments, moving expenses and even spousal job loss. It is important that you do not let your finances fall by the wayside. By keeping them top of mind, you can relieve unnecessary stress and achieve a fulfilling lifestyle for yourself and your family. Your career presents financial challenges unique to your profession. Whatever situation you are in, we will work collaboratively to educate you on the financial issues you may face and how to avoid the pitfalls that could derail your efforts to grow wealth and provide for your family and future.


Our process involves getting to know our clients so we understand the financial issue they may face. One example is how your estate plan and household taxation could be more complex. Often, finances have been separate because there may be not the legal framework of a marriage/divorce to protect you. The federal and state governments also have roadblocks in the form of income tax, estate tax and legal issues. Thankfully, many of these obstacles have been removed! It is important that you have a comprehensive financial plan in place that addresses your specific situation.

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Those Just Starting Out

You are on your way! Starting the career you want and maybe a family. You need to develop a financial plan with your goals identified and someone to show you how to get there. Your plan needs to include taking advantage of the 401 (k) you employer provides, life insurance to protect your family and 529 Qualified Tuition Plans to save for your children’s education. At Harrison Capital Management we have advisors that specialize in this time of your life and will help you make these decisions.


Your career is established, and you are accumulating wealth. You need to make sure your family is provided for and are beginning to plan your perfect retirement. Now is the time to be maximizing savings and growing wealth with a comprehensive financial plan that achieves all your goals. It is important to study the 13 Wealth Issues to ensure all your bases are covered.