Estate Planning

For some people, financial planning is mainly concerned with how best to go about building a nest egg and how to make it last through retirement. But for others, there is a desire to ensure their estate delivers benefits beyond their own retirement and produces a lasting legacy even after they have passed.

Why Estate Planning is Important

If you wish to leave behind a lasting legacy, whether its for family and loved ones or a charitable institution you need to have plans in place. This is the only way to ensure your legacy is established in accordance with your wishes. Without a plan, strangers (the State, Lawyers, or individuals with other ideas) could determine what happens to your estate.

What We Can Do for You

Our Estate Planning services include:

  • Helping you understand the importance of a will: Your will should be the corner stone of your Estate Plan. We can help you understand why and how you should structure this document so your legal team can create a will that reflects how you want your Estate distributed. From a simple will to a trust – we will help guide you through the complexities.
  • Choosing Executors: The Executors of your Estate wield strong powers that determine how your Estate is dealt with upon your passing.
  • Designating beneficiaries: If you don't choose beneficiaries carefully your estate assets may end up in the hands of individuals you never intended.
  • Considerations for dependents needs: A well thought out Estate plan will ensure that all needs of your dependents are taken care of in accordance with your desires.
  • Tax planning considerations (minimizing Estate taxes and reducing probate fees): Without a well-thought-out Estate plan a considerable part of your estate could erode through taxes, fees, and other levy's.
  • Distributing your assets/legacy: Without proper Estate planning, your assets might not be distributed in line with your final wishes. Our professionals can support you to ensure your legally-binding will and Estate Plan are in sync.