Retirement Planning

We spend a lot of time planning our education, skills training, and professional designations we will acquire. We also spend a lot of time planning which industries are the best to work in, which employers to work for, etc. Once employed we carefully strategize our every career move so that we progress to the top of the ladder in our respective fields. Sadly though, while we focus most of these efforts on these plans, we often forget to plan for “life after work.”

Why Retirement Planning is Important

Everything we do – from choosing a career to managing career progressions at our employers – is presumably so we, our families, and dependents can have a better life. But if we fail to plan for “life after work,” all of the plans and effort we put into our working lives, can be jeopardized.

What will retirement look like? Are we spending too much? What if we are not saving enough? How frequently should we be saving? How much will we need in retirement? Will Government and Employer pension plans cover us through retirement? When should I start saving for retirement?
If we do not plan for retirement, we’ll never be able to prepare for it.

What We Can Do for You

For our clients, retirement planning doesn’t start at retirement, it starts a long time before! We take a long-term view of your financial well-being using a life-cycle approach. This is to ensure your “life after work’ is as well-planned as your life prior to retirement.

A personalized retirement planning strategy that includes:

  • Helping you to plan your financial goals prior to retirement
  • Putting a plan in place to ensure you have sufficient income during retirement
  • Protecting your nest egg and accumulating wealth
  • Understand your goals through our collaborative planning process
  • Analyze where you are now so we know what rate you have to save and invest to be where you want to be.
  • Develop a plan that shows you what income you will need to fund your retirement lifestyle, and what your investments will generate. You’ll also know how to bridge any shortfall – if they exist.
  • As you get closer to retirement, we will help you with advice on pensions and benefits (Government and Employer): Whether to apply or not? When to apply?
  • We will look out for you in retirement and beyond. To live a long and fulfilling retirement you’ll need help with many other facets of your life as well - Estate Planning, Insurance, Charitable Giving.
  • To ensure everything stays on track we will monitor your advisor account and meet with you personally regarding any changes or updates needed to address your evolving retirement lifestyle needs.