Insurance is essential to any comprehensive financial security plan. If tragic events like death, disability or critical illness strike, insurance can protect you and your family from undue hardship. Some life insurance policies also provide tax-advantaged savings that you can draw on to achieve goals like buying a house or retiring comfortably.

We have access to a variety of insurance products that can help meet your financial security planning needs. No matter your personal situation—if you’re single or in a family; a professional or a seasonal employee; an executive or small business owner—we will work together to design a customized plan.

  • Life
  • Property and Casualty

Life Insurance

In the event of an unexpected death, life insurance offers surviving family members increased financial security. As a tax-free lump sum payment, it can pay for final expenses and debts, as well as provide income for the deceased’s dependents.

The advantages of life insurance include:

  • An instant estate for your loved ones at a time when funds are most needed
  • Death benefits that are almost always non-taxable for named beneficiaries
  • Avoidance of probate costs if you name a beneficiary other than your estate
  • The potential of creditor protection for your loved ones (Through some life insurance plans)
  • Building tax-advantaged capital for retirement purposes or provide liquid savings through some permanent life insurance plans

We can help you select coverage from a variety of life insurance options to meet the needs identified in your financial security plan.

Life insurance can play a vital role in your financial security plan - contact us today to find out how.

Property and Casualty Insurance

These are types of coverages that protect you and the property you own and are usually purchased together.  This is an important part of your overall financial security and needs to be evaluated on a yearly basis to ensure all property is adequately covered.

Casualty insurance policies help to protect you if you're found legally responsible for an accident that causes injuries to another person or damage to another's belongings.  

Property insurance covers items you own:  Home, Condo, Car, Renters, Power Sports (e.g. boats, ATV's), Recreational Vehicles, Rental Property.  

Contact us today to determine if property and casualty insurance fits into your financial security plan.