Why You Should Take More Vacation Days

Dominique Jones |

You should take more vacation days, not less. Care2 explains why it is good for your health: http://tinyurl.com/ltu7yqk


Why You Really Shouldn’t Skip Your Vacation Days

Diana Vilibert
December 3, 2014
6:00 pm

Still have vacation days left in the bank for 2014? Start planning a getaway—here are five ways taking a vacation is good for your health, happiness, and even work and home life.

Planning a vacation boosts happiness
Here’s a convincing case for taking—or at least planning—a vacation every two months: researchers found that just the anticipation of a vacation boosts happiness for eight weeks. After the getaway, happiness levels go back to what they were…meaning it’s the perfect time to start planning the next one, right?

Going on vacation makes you a better employee
Can taking a break from your job make you better at it? One study of Ernst and Young employees found that performance evaluations improved by eight percent for each additional 10 hours of vacation time they took. Those who took frequent vacations were also less likely to leave the company.

Vacations can boost your energy
All that relaxing can actually make you feel more energetic. In one study, researchers found that 94 percent of people had as much or more energy after coming back from a trip. 55 percent came back to work with higher energy levels than before the trip.

Vacations may keep your heart healthy
In one study of 13,000 men at risk for heart disease, those who skipped vacations for five years in a row were 30 percent more likely to have a heart attack than those who took at least a week off every year. And other research found a similar correlation for women—women who vacationed once every six years or less were more likely to develop heart disease and twice-a-year vacationers.

Vacations can strengthen family bonds
Planning a trip for the whole family can grow your relationships and improve your everyday home lives. 97 percent of parents reported feeling like their kids learned new things about them during a family trip. The majority also felt that a family vacation made the family more excited, relaxed, and affectionate.

Read more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/get-outta-town-5-reasons-to-take-a-vacation.html#ixzz3SJwJg9OF