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Why You Should Monitor Your Credit

Let’s state up front that you don’t need a credit monitoring service to stay on top of your credit status. For people who are diligent and deliberate in monitoring their own credit, they can do so by accessing a free credit report from each of the credit bureaus once per year.

Credit Card Scams are Proliferating – How to Protect Yourself

Identity thieves and credit card scammers are more relentless than ever in their pursuit of your personal financial information, and as more people are opting to conduct their shopping and their financial transactions online, the number of scams increases proportionately.  Armed with nothing more than a computer keyboard and a geek’s knowledge of how to prowl the cloud, they work 24/

8 Things successful people do NOT do every day

If you get decent value from making to-do lists, you'll get huge returns — in productivity, in improved relationships, and in personal well-being — from adding these items to your not-to-do list:

Every day, promise yourself you won't:

1. Wait until you're sure you will succeed.

7 Ways Smart Parents Teach Their Kids About Money

Continuously discussing money with your child can teach them valuable lessons about spending, saving and giving.

The Windfall of Having More Women in Charge

Companies with more balanced leadership do a better job recruiting and retaining talented workers, thus reducing the costs, according to a new study.

When Rohini Anand took over diversity programs at multinational catering company Sodexo in 2002, she had one goal: To prove that it pays for a company to have equal numbers of male and female managers.

12 Ways Women unknowingly sabotage their success

Did you think the glass ceiling was a relic of the past? Not so much.

Even if there weren't plenty of statistics to demonstrate continued gender bias in the workplace, the marketplace, and in financing for start-ups, a depressing stories out of Silicon Valley makes it brutally clear just how far we haven't come.

Understanding Investment Risk

All investors – be they conservative, moderate or aggressive – need to understand that the level of returns they expect to generate is directly related to the amount of risk they are willing to assume – the higher the return, the higher the amount of risk one may need to take.

Why You Should Take More Vacation Days

5 Easy Ways to Save Some $ in 2015

3 New Year's Investing Resolutions

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